Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CultureSummit 2018


Visas and Licence Participation

How do know if I need a visa for CultureSummit 2018?
For more information on visas, please visit the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi website.

How do I secure a visa letter to attend CultureSummit 2018?
We would be delighted to provide you with a visa letter. Please contact the Steering Committee with your request at Please note that, when you submit your request, it is crucial that that you provide the Steering Committee with your legal name as shown on the biography page of your passport.

What is a License Participant Form? Do I need to fill one out to attend CultureSummit 2018?
To finalize your registration, we require that you submit copy of the Culture Summit Participant Licensing Form and a copy of your passport to as soon as possible.  We will be submitting these materials  to the Department of Culture and Tourism on your behalf to process your entrance to the United Arab Emirates.  Please note that all guests should have received an email from the Steering Committee with a License Participant Form attached for your convenience; if you did not receive one, please email immediately.

Flights/Logistics for CultureSummit 2018

Will CultureSummit 2018  be paying for my flight and hotel?
Please email us at to obtain more information related to your funding for hotel and flights.

I’m really excited to attend, but how do I book my flight to Abu Dhabi?
We have partnered with a trusted travel agent, Corporate Traveler, to help guests arrange their travel logistics for CultureSummit. Corporate Traveler will facilitate your flights and hotel reservations. Please note that all travel allotments must be coordinated and redeemed through our trusted travel agent, Corporate Traveler, to help guests arrange their travel logistics for CultureSummit. Please contact our travel agent,  by using the following form to process your flights: CultureSummit Corporate Traveler Flights Processing Form. For more information please contact  

Please contact our travel agent, Ms. Cheri Schutze,  at for more questions.

Am I eligible for a travel stipend?
We regret that we cannot provide travel and accommodation assistance to all guests. Please note that all travel arrangements should be coordinated and redeemed through our trusted travel agent, Corporate Traveler, to help guests arrange their travel logistics for CultureSummit. Corporate Traveler will facilitate your flights and hotel reservations. Please contact our travel agent, Ms. Cheri Schutze,  at or call +1 305-779-0991 (afterhours: +1 305-590-8399) for further information.

Can I fly into Dubai instead of Abu Dhabi?
Guests are welcome to fly into Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Please connect with our travel agent to coordinate your preference.

How will I get from my hotel to workshops and panels on Manarat Al Saadiyat?
We are delighted to inform guests that we will be providing ground transportation for all guests for CultureSummit-related activities. A staff member will be available to assist you and we will be distributing a transportation  schedule soon.

Can I bring my spouse, partner or assistant along with me to CultureSummit?
Guests are welcome to bring spouses, partners or assistants to CultureSummit 2018; however, please note that additional guests are not eligible to receive stipends or funding for travel and accommodation.  Kindly email before you attend if you wish to bring an additional guest(s).

Do I need to bring anything for Port of entry in the United Arab Emirates?
Please bring your passport and a copy of all documents submitted to Steering Committee, including your Visa Letter (if applicable) and your completed Participant License Form,  upon entry to the United Arab Emirates. 


Will I have the opportunity to present at CultureSummit 2018?
CultureSummit is an interactive experience and each guest is viewed as an active participant.  Everyone will have an opportunity to share, engage, and network with CultureSummit attendees at workshops, panel presentations, trips, and meals. Kindly note that we have selected and contacted those guests who will be preparing presentations and presenting on panels.


Will you be providing meals? What if I have a dietary restriction?
We will be providing lunch and dinner for all guests. If you have dietary restrictions, please indicate your restrictions when you register. If you forgot to indicate your preferences during initial registration, please modify your registration to reflect your dietary needs. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Can I still participate in CultureSummit 2018 even if I have to leave early or arrive after the official start date?
Yes, we welcome your participation at CultureSummit 2018 as your schedule permits.

Will there be additional registration steps once I’m in country?
Yes. CultureSummit staff will be on hand to assist you with in-country registration at your hotel from 12:00h to 17:00h at host hotels.

If I can no longer attend CultureSummit 2018,  how do I cancel my registration?
We are sorry to hear that you will have to cancel your participation, but we understand that extenuating circumstances may result in canceled participation. Please email us at to confirm your cancellation. We hope you can join us next year!

What is the dress code for CultureSummit 2018?
During April, Abu Dhabi temperatures are typically around  31C (88F) during the day and 21C (70F) at night. Most indoor spaces and hotels are air conditioned. Attire for CultureSummit’s daytime programming is “smart casual,” and our evening programming is business/business casual. None of our activities require formal wear.

In general, we recommend dressing slightly on the conservative side, avoiding very short or very tight attire. Women are not required to cover their heads or hair in most social settings.

Will there be staff available to assist me with questions I have?
Yes, staff will be available to assist you with any requests to the best of their ability both before and during the Summit.

What is the tipping practice in Abu Dhabi?
Tipping is not expected but is commonly practiced. Gratuities to hotel and restaurant staff are at your discretion.

If I have problems during my trip to Abu Dhabi, who do I call?
Our trusted travel partner Corporate Traveler is available to help you at every step of your trip to Abu Dhabi. They are available 24/7 to assist CultureSummit guests at +1 305-590-8399 or by email

How do I request to be on the guest list for Culture Summit 2019? How can I continue to receive information for future Culture Summit events?
We encourage you to add Culture Summit to your email contacts to stay up-to-date on all CultureSummit updates.

Will there be press covering CultureSummit?
Yes, members of the press are welcome to participate in CultureSummit.  Please email Michael Clyne at to obtain press credentials.

Is CultureSummit on or off the record?
Kindly note that all CultureSummit panel sessions and performances are on the record.

Is CultureSummit on social media?
Yes, CultureSummit is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at CultureSummitAD.  We encourage you to follow us and also join the conversation using #CultureSummit2018 and #UnexpectedCollaborations.

Will ground transportation be provided?
Please note that the schedule is to be determined.  All ground transportation, including airport transfers, transportation to and from venue, and transportation to and from evening events.

About Culture Summit Abu Dhabi

About CultureSummit Abu Dhabi

CultureSummit Abu Dhabi 2018 is a high-level international summit that will bring together leaders from the worlds of government, arts, media and technology to collaborate and address in concrete ways the role culture can play in addressing the great challenges of our time, from poverty and extremism to climate change and conflict. This year’s programme, titled Unexpected Collaborations, will focus on partnerships that are unique, different, and which blend tradition and innovation